HELIX Genetic and Scientific Solution was created to provide a level of testing that is not available in Bermuda and other Carribean countries where testing is required by specific agencies.  HELIX is an internationally accredited laboratory which means we have achieved high quality standards for the competence in technical operations, procedures and laboratory practices, this includes qualification for individual who perform the tests and validation of analytical work.  


Our Expertise


HELIX expert scientists collaborate closely with police, criminal justice and hospital agencies to provide exceptional customer service on all case work.  Our laboratory is equipped with the the technology required for DNA analysis and we carry out comprehensive biological screening which includes, blood, semen and saliva identification.  We are specialists in Short Tandem Repeat analysis (STR) and use the latest in DNA chemistry (Power Plex Fusion(R)  and Plexor HY(R)) for human identification purposes.



Accreditation and Quality


We are committed to supporting your agency to create solutions that suits all your testing needs.  Helix is an ANAB ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. We follow SWGDAM and FBI QAS recommended guidelines for validation, quality management and casework.  Our facility is regularly examined by outside accreditation auditors to ensure reliable results in keeping with our commitment to quality.