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Lab Worker

Forensic DNA & Science Testing

Our team at Helix can assist with all your forensic laboratory DNA casework needs and outsourcing requirements.  With our knowledgeable experts on had to help, HELIX provides a high -quality forensic serology and DNA casework service.

We focus on the areas of:

  • DNA Forensic casework 

  • DNA consultancy needs

  • Paternity testing

  • Toxicology consultancy

  • Drug chemistry consultancy

  • Expert witness testimony

  • work place drug testing

  • Crime scene investigation

Touch DNA

With some crime scene samples, there are limited amounts of DNA found on evidence.  We carefully assess each piece of evidence to obtain a sample to generate a DNA profile where there is limited amounts of DNA.

Y - Screening

We have validated a more sensitive alternative to screening for male DNA.  Plexor HY is the most updated commercial chemistry for this type of screening.


We offer testing to determine the paternal relationship between a man and a child which includes chain of custody procedures.

Expert Testimony

Our team has qualified forensic scientist with experience in preparing DNA, toxicology and forensic drug chemistry results used in the criminal justice system in Bermuda and the United States.

Forensic Consultancy

Helix consultants provide expert witness testimony in support or the laboratory results or case review findings. we also provide training and workshops customized to suit your agency needs.

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